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Republican subsidiary unitary enterprise aerophotogeodesy

Remote sensing of the Earth


State enterprise BelPSKHAGI performs aerial surveys from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), one of the most effective methods for obtaining high-quality Earth remote sensing data with a resolution of 1 centimeter or more. Aerial surveys with UAVs are the best option for the rapid acquisition of spatial data when it is necessary to perform surveys as soon as possible with a minimum cost.

Scopes of data of aerial photography from UAVs:

Land management

Aerial surveillance opens up wide possibilities for monitoring real estate and land. Specialists can remotely check the implementation of legislation in the field of land management and identify violations of the land code. Reliable data will allow you to accurately calculate the rental price and purchase price. It is also possible to identify discrepancies between the boundaries of the actual use of land with the data of the state real estate cadastre.

Urban planning

Urban zoning and territorial planning, as well as architectural design and comprehensive cadastral work, need accurate and relevant spatial data. Maintaining the relevance of the cartographic basis in an ever-changing environment by traditional ground-based methods requires a lot of time and significant funding. The shortage of topographic and geodetic information, in turn, significantly slows down the processes of territorial planning. The introduction of modern technology gives a tangible positive economic effect. The use of UAVs allows you to quickly receive complete, relevant and regularly updated information about the state of the urban environment at minimal cost. Such data will help improve the quality of decisions made and increase management efficiency. And along with publishing technologies, aerial survey data will serve as an excellent information resource for engaging the public in the urban planning process.

Integrated cadastral works

Due to the high accuracy and detail of the resulting orthoimages, it can be used to perform cadastral work. Photographic plans of the area obtained with the help of UAVs will serve as an excellent replacement for the cartographic basis (if it is absent) or its qualitative addition when drawing up boundaries of land plots. They will help to simplify the clarification of the position of the boundaries of land, the determination of the location of buildings, the correction of cadastral errors. And photorealistic three-dimensional models will inform about the capitality, height, number of storeys of buildings, characteristics of objects without excessive reconnaissance and site visits. UAVs will help to ensure the preparation of a plan of the territory containing the information on land plots necessary for cadastral registration.

Digital mapping

Aerial survey with UAVs significantly reduces the cost and labor costs of topographic work. High image quality makes orthomosaic more informative and visual than materials on duty topographic plans. The combination of field shooting of objects invisible from the air and cameral digitization using a photographic plan ensures the compilation of the most complete and reliable maps of urban areas. With UAV technology, you can easily create visual three-dimensional representations of objects of complex configuration, and the possibility of regular shooting allows you to map the dynamics of processes in time.
3D design

High-precision three-dimensional models offer unprecedented opportunities for urban design. Comparable in accuracy to the results of airborne laser scanning, they are excellent for measuring the size of buildings, determining visibility zones, calculating volumes and building profiles. Due to the compatibility of data formats, it becomes possible to take advantage of CAD design and then move on to space-time modeling and analysis in GIS.

Creation of information systems

UAV technology is able to create an excellent spatial basis for information systems. This can be a system for automating urban planning work processes or information portals for a mass audience. A single information environment will help to quickly process requests from interested parties and generate the necessary reports.

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